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So what are the qualities that an E-Commerce Service Provider Website should provide?
1)The MOST essential of all! An E-Commerce service Provider Website should have a Great User Experience. It should be as Analogous and as fulfilling as it would be if you were to visit a mall. It should give a Professional Look and must attract and satisfy the customer both. 
2)The Site should be According to the requirements of the W3Cand the World Wide Web Consortium. It should be Viewable on all Operating systems like Mac, Linux, UNIX and Windows and on all Major Browsers like Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Netscape and Opera. 
3)It should have a Robust Help system which facilitates the user as much they want
4)Having Printable Pages is of great Benefit And ease to the people as it will also help them keep a record of their Transactions
5)It should have a gift Certificate Redemption
6)It should be able to send out features to friends and across other websites and pages. 
7)It should have the Email opt out system and a rapid email Confirmation of any transactions and orders made. 
8)It should be able to Rate the Products on its own according to the Changing market values that may affect it. 
9)An Easy return System into and out of the site is always Appreciated and is quite User friendly. 
10)The website should automatically be able to register coupon Discounts and Coupon redemptions without anyone having It to do it for them manually. 
11)Having Calculators and robust shipping options and calculators help the orders from getting mixed and going to wrong Customers. It also helps in facilitating multiple shipping at a time. Not only is this but you able to view the past orders via such systems as well. 
12)A wish list and Gift list is all a customer needs if its Valentines Day or any other Special Occasion Approaching. 
13)The Shopping cart should be able to remain persistent even after the Customer has logged off from his account. A Clear Cart button is Helpful too. 
14)The Return and Privacy Policy should be kept where they are easy to access and not easily missed out. 
15)While Viewing the Products, the users should be able to enlarge the pictures and turn them around for a more thorough study. 
16)A Good E commerce Website should be able to accept all major Credit and debit cards. 
17)To make it as easy for the Customer, The Registration process should be Decipherable, the pass word Reminder system should be installed to in addition to customer Profiles that can be edited. The Cart review and Modifications should be easy to do and the Customer should be able to choose from the Account registration and Express check out. 
18)An Easy check out is all that a customer Aspires.
19)The E-commerce website should be greatly protected from cyber frauds since its the trust of so many people that you are harboring on. 
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